Business Services
Areas of Expertise

Cross-cultural business communications

With a collective 20+ years of experience in business communications, we
can provide a wide range of translation and interpreting services, with a focus
on business and legal content, international negotiations,
diversity training,
and solutions for the travel, tourism, and customer care industries.  
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International Business Development and Strategic Planning

Particularly between Japan and the U.S. and Asia, we have extensive
experience in new business development, from market evaluation and
technology analysis, to partner selection, to international contract
negotiations.  If you are looking for new opportunities in a specific region,
market, or service, we can provide consulting, research, and
recommendations tailored to your particular needs and objectives.
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Market Entry and Venture Support

Focusing on Japan and the U.S., and using our network of bi-cultural partners
with networks and experience in venture business on both sides of the
Pacific, we create innovative approaches to entering the Japanese market (for
U.S. firms), and for exploring foreign markets (for Japanese firms).  
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CRM and Marketing Solutions

Using our knowledge of world class best practices in call center operations
and customer care technology, we can provide process analysis, recommend
technology and operational improvements, and even help you to deliver more
effective marketing solutions through existing customer points of contact.

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