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Holomua Inc.
Welcome, E Komo Mai, Yokoso!
"Holomua" is a Hawaiian word meaning "improvement," "progress," and

Headquartered in Yokohama, Japan, Holomua Inc. works with both foreign
and Japanese partners and clients to deliver business solutions in the
following areas:
Focus on Japan, and the future
As a country, Japan is going through dramatic demographic and economic
shifts:  a shrinking, aging population, a decreasing emphasis on its once
all-mighty manufacturing sector, and a growing awareness of the importance
of its ties to its Asian neighbors.

As a society, Japan faces a number of critical issues:  changes in traditional
family structures, a steady carving-out of the rural population, and, slowly, but
surely, a need to adapt to a more culturally and ethnically diverse citizenry.

We believe these factors together will generate an array of exciting business
challenges in the coming decades.  Our goal as an enterprise is to help our
clients and partners understand and take advantage of these opportunities;
our goal as business people is to make a positive and lasting contribution to
the increasingly diverse community in which we live and work.
Japanese version coming soon!